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124 E. Third Street Fifth Floor Dayton, Ohio 45402, United States
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When your life has turned upside down because of health or financial problems, the last thing you need is to struggle on your own with complicated benefits programs or legal processes.

The lawyers at HNB have two goals:
  1. To get you the maximum compensation or best result from your case
  2. To make the legal process easier for you
To achieve these goals we will:
  • Meet you in person to better understand your needs
  • Visit you at home or in the hospital, if that’s easier for you
  • Meet you outside normal business hours or on Saturdays
  • Work with you by telephone when that’s most convenient
  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Negotiate with employers
  • Take care of complicated forms and applications
  • Keep you on top of important deadlines
  • Gather evidence and witness testimony
  • Build your legal strategy
  • Study your options in court
  • Explain the process to you as your case progresses
  • Accompany you at disability hearings, workers’ compensation hearings and other court proceedings

For many kinds of cases, you won’t pay an attorney fee until you win your claim.

And for most cases, you’ll pay nothing to get an initial case evaluation from HNB.

If a medical or money crisis has disrupted your life, start now to get back on track.