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10370 Richmond Ave, Suite 1300 Houston, Texas 77042, United States
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At McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, Feiler, we represent victims of brain injuries throughout the United States. Our firm is a combination of business, medical and litigation professionals. This broad range of expertise allows our team to fight aggressively for each client. While our home office is in Houston, Texas, we often represent clients in other states around the country. With our reputation and litigation experience, we can demand maximum recover for our clients in any jurisdiction.

We typically represent injured children. Whether the injuries result from medical-malpractice, a motor vehicle collision or other wrongful conduct, in every case, we combine compassion for our clients with an aggressive pursuit of recovery. This allows us to obtain BIG verdicts and settlements for our clients for FULL recovery of their damages.

We accept only a few cases that have significant value and support the maxim, “If It’s Wrong, Fight It. If It’s Right, Fight For It.” We do our best to live this reality in every case we take. This allows us to give our clients the individualized and focused treatment they deserve. We recognize that litigation destroys tranquility and peace of mind, and we pledge to provide our clients with responsive support and incisive advice to help them through trying times, while sparing no expense or resource to achieve a favorable outcome in the shortest amount of time.

As part of our mission at McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, Feiler, we also seek to give back to our local community and underserved communities around the world. That is why we helped create and partner with our charity, Together in Hope. Every year we make substantial contributions to Together and Hope in an effort to better our community. These efforts have lead to multiple schools and recreational centers being built around the world, thousands of poor families being fed every month for years, and the overall development of underserved communities around the world. We will continue to give back as part of our mission.