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Being investigated, arrested, or charged with a crime is often an intimidating, frightening, and unwarranted experience. Suddenly, your life feels like it has spun out of control. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a more serious felony, you are at risk for criminal penalties that can profoundly affect your finances, your family, your livelihood, your liberty, and your future. You may feel utterly alone with the odds stacked against you as law enforcement and prosecutors use all of their resources and power to convict you. That is why, In such a situation, you need someone who has your back, a legal professional who is not afraid to put up the aggressive defense you need to level the playing field. You are constitutionally entitled to a fair fight against your accusers.

At The Law Office of Damon Alimouri, we believe in and fight for your constitutional rights in every way possible and are here to help ease the stress of a tough personal situation. Our criminal defense attorney in Pasadena understands the stress you are under and works with diligence, transparency, and a passion to serve. Attorney Damon Alimouri has the experience and dedication needed to put you in the best possible legal position in pursuit of a favorable outcome. He has consistently achieved exceptional results on even extremely difficult and complex cases. Our firm has built a strong reputation for effectiveness in the community and with local judges and criminal justice personnel.