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The team behind The Malki Law Firm bring you (877) THE-FIRM The Car Accident Firm. The Car Accident Firm is the one stop shop for victims of car accidents. A person involved in a car accident now only has one number to call (the number of a real law firm) to get all of the help they need in recovering from a car accident and getting their life back together and fully compensated. The Malki Law Firm was founded by attorney Afram Malki, ESQ for the purpose of providing the people of Florida with the best solutions to their legal problems at prices they can afford and with compassion, respect, and understanding.Through the years, Mr. Malki was able to put together a staff of intelligent and hard working individuals who are dedicated to the clients they serve.The personnel at The Malki Law Firm are skilled at resolving conflicts successfully without the need to go to trial or court, but if this need shall arise, The Malki Law Firm has the experience, strength,and vigor toand vigor to acheive success.

The Malki Law Firm is becoming known as the fastest growing Personal Injury law firm. The success of the Malki Law Firm in handling car accident cases has led it to become known by many of its clients as (877) THE-FIRM “The Car Accident Firm” which encouraged Afram Malki and The Malki Law firm to take it a step further and develop (877) THE-FIRM The Car Accident Firm which is a DBA of The Malki Law Firm and decided specifically for car accident cases and providing victims of car accidents with all of the help they need in dealing with car accidents. This firm prides itself with being one of the few firms who allow their clients and potential clients to walk into any of their offices without an appointment to get answers to their legal questions and concerns in addition to being available through the telephone or internet 24/7 and meeting the clients anywhere they chose. Every client has access to the cellular phone number of the persons working on their case. 

There are many types of Florida accidents that Malki Law can help with, but the main ones are 

  • Car Accident (s)

  • Bus Accident (s)

  • Truck Accident (s)

  • Motorcycle Accident (s)

  • Bicycle Accident (s)

  • Pedestrian Accident (s)

  • Slip and Fall Accident (s) 

  • Trip and Fall Accident (s)

  • Defective Product Accident

  • Dog Bite Accident

  • Nursing Home / Assisted Living Facility Accident (s)