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Marriage is bliss for most couples who decide to be with the person they wish to stay with all their life. However, over the years of being together, some feel that they have made a mistake and wish to separate from their partner. While there are those who will just separate without undergoing legal proceedings to finalize it, others will go to the courts and request a divorce before creating a new start for themselves.

While anyone can file for a divorce in California without stating a clear reason, the proceedings can be a minefield. Several state mandates and even acts may be involved to sort out underlying issues that may be included in a divorce, such as child custody and support, asset distribution, and alimony. With all this in mind, you will need a good Orange County divorce lawyer who can guide you through these proceedings and help you build a strong case to protect your rights.

Alkam Law Offices is one of the best Orange County, CA family law firms you can reach out to if you are considering divorce. Our team can help you through the necessary negotiations and fight for your rights to your children, assets, and spousal support to the best of our abilities. We will make sure everything is stress-free and give you legal advice throughout the proceedings.