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5720 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #440 Dallas, Texas 75240
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Attorney Kelly T. Curran has been representing injured Texans since 2009. Most of the thousands of his clients suffered their individual injury in a car wreck; but another large number slipped or otherwise fell in a store or on someone elses property. Rarer still were injuries at the workplace and then the most unfortunate type of case there is – a wrongful death. Attorney Kelly has handled it all, leaving closure and happy clients in his wake.

If you were to ask him, “Kelly, what type of lawyer do you want to be?” He would tell you that he wants to be the best possible attorney he can, helping as many as he could. While practicing and working his own docket, he could take care of 150 clients at a time. However, once KTC Law Firm was started in early 2014, he found he could take care of many more hundreds of clients at a time, practicing alongside the lawyers he now works with, together, on clients’ cases.

In September of 2013, Kelly suffered a life-changing seizure. It occurred while his wife was expecting their third child and caused Kelly serious injuries. Immediately upon waking up from the seizure, he found both his shoulders dislocated, and later, discovered that he had broken his back. He has made a full recovery, but the incident had lasting effects for Kelly.

The first, he more intimately understood the plight of an injured person, and second, it gave him the initiative to start his own law firm, KTC Law Firm.

Kelly lost his parents and grandparents before becoming an adult. His mom, Linda, sadly passed away at the age of 38. Surviving those losses, and some of his own, has caused Kelly to surround himself with others of like-mind and quality. A team that values the happiness of its clients, and cares for all humanity. To achieve those ends, he has lost count of the trials tried to either judge or jury. Attorney Kelly is not afraid a courtroom, nor is his team.

In his spare time, Kelly likes to work in his yard and home. Most of his kids are involved in sports as well, so he catches as many practices and games as possible.