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Michael Devereux, founder of Wexford Law, is subtle and emotionally intelligent – the essence of strength and elegance. Michael is a Beverly Hills attorney with a subtle, strong, and persuasive personality matched with steady, persistent determination which are indispensable traits in overcoming legal issues. Michael is described by his clients as charming, intelligent and thoughtful. After a career in entertainment, Michael Devereux started his law profession more than 20 years ago practicing exclusively in federal court under the guidance of the highly respective Charles Pereyra-Suarez. Michael’s first case involved defending associates of the Columbian Cali cartel in Operation Casablanca, the largest money laundering sting in US history. After many years practicing white collar crime Michael then proceeded to the Cochran Firm, with Johnnie Cochran where he began to practice in state court. Before starting his own firm, Michael was engaged on the defense teams in the Michael Jackson and Robert Blake cases with Thomas Mesereau as the lead attorney.